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Your disempowering programming and condi


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Many of us harbour limiting beliefs that can hold us back from achieving our true potential. 


I knew I had limiting beliefs, but I didn't quite know what they were or how to deal with them once I figured it out. 


Thankfully, I found answers with Colleen. She was able to use her expertise and years of experience to help me recognize my limiting beliefs. 


Once they were recognized, Colleen skillfully guided me through a process to finally deal with these beliefs that have been holding me back. 


Colleen is not only extremely knowledgable, but she is also impressively passionate and caring. 


I now have a better understanding of how my brain works, a clear path to unleashing my limiting beliefs, and the confidence to go after my dreams. 


I highly recommend working with Colleen. Her approach is solid, effective, actionable, and kind. You will say goodbye to your limiting beliefs and hello to your true potential!

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In that one to one with Colleen, I experienced a life-changing encounter she is ONE IN A MILLION. What happened to me literally transformed me and her method took me out of a place of shame and disgrace and shifted my mind to see myself as whom I was originally created to be. It's mind-blowing to know it was even possible. This woman knows her stuff... I was heading into the most important meeting of my life and after meeting with Colleen I went to that meeting with the CEO of the bank and negotiated not from a place of fear or inferiority but from one of confidence and totally nailed it. 


Your disempowering programming and condi
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Thank you so much for the ability to see myself as a young child full of hope and promise and not the victim to a verbally abusive father. It was an amazing transformative experience for me. 


The thought of revisiting events in my life that were still painful memories stopped me at first from wanting to do this. However, when you can go through those events again with different eyes, a different mindset, knowing that cannot be what determines my worth or my value, is very freeing.


If you desire the ability to be a better version of yourself by removing painful or limiting memories, and you want to do it within the parameters of safety and trust, then you will want to work with Colleen. She will help you travel a path that needs to be repaved so that you can be who you truly want to be.

I am very grateful for the work of Colleen.

She really is talented. I was struggling with an old pain where I suffered from for a long time.

Colleen made it happen even by doing it over the internet to bring me back to my childhood and identify the pain I suffered from. And by doing the exercise she helped me to disempower the emotional pain. I finally could let go of that pain. 

Very powerful!

Your disempowering programming and condi


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Your disempowering programming and condi



Colleen did a very special method with me.  

I want to thank Colleen for her time and effort in going through this with me. It took me back to a place where I felt rejected (rejection is one of my issues) where I felt rejected, unloved, neglected and alone! At the end I bid farewell to that without triggering the feeling of pain and of being rejected - it's over and I am no longer carrying that negative feeling in my DNA!

After it was over I felt a release of the memory and an amazing release of guilt and pain!

Colleen is an amazing psychotherapist who gives her utmost effort in helping you to overcome the most painful, destructive patterns of the past and I recommend her highly!

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